Tips on making your evenings stress-free


Relaxing moments should be cherished, to balance out the stressful ones. Relaxation is a key component of well-being, since long-term stress can cause a range of health problems such as headaches, stomach problems, insomnia and anxiety. So make sure that you reserve time for activities that make you relax.

Here are our tips for a wonderfully soothing evening at home.

1. Read a book while wrapped up in a blanket

Dig out your softest and warmest blanket and take a relaxed position. Then enjoy a cosy and unhurried reading experience with a pleasant book. Your mind will relax when you immerse yourself in a story.

2. Colour or draw

Did you know that colouring is no longer just a children's activity, but many adults buy colouring books? Colouring or drawing will help you focus on one thing and give your mind some quiet moments.

3. Take a warm shower or bath

Taking a warm shower or bath will help your muscles to recover from the day’s stress and tension. You can actually feel how your body and mind relax.

4. Listen to your favourite music

If drawing or reading doesn’t interest you, listening to music can be an effective way of relaxing. So put on a playlist of slow music and lie back on a couch. Let the music take you to an imaginary world far away from everyday stress.

5. Invite a friend over

For some people, the best way to relax is a conversation with good friends. So make the most of a free evening and invite one or more friends around. You can share your thoughts and concerns. The best way to relax can sometimes be another person listening to what’s on your mind.