Six activities for your summer holiday


Some may already be on summer holiday, while others are still looking forward to theirs. Finally you’ll have time to do all those things you were dreaming about in the winter. Perhaps you want to go to the cottage for a spot of fishing, visit a distant friend or just sit back in the garden with a good book. High time to make some holiday plans!

Check out these six summer activities to make your holiday unforgettable.

1. Enjoy the great outdoors

Do you know what plants grow in your neighbourhood? You may pass by a forest or meadow every day without realising how beautiful they are. A walk in the fresh air is good for the mind, too. So venture off the beaten track and see what the forest holds. Concentrate on birdsong and allow yourself to wind down. Year heart will thank you for this stress-free break.

2. Plunge for a swim

Swimming is one of the most efficient forms of exercise. Even a short time in the water will make your muscles relax and your heart rate go up. Summer waters are just the right temperature, and the beaches are full of happy bathers. A dip into the water, what could be a better way to start a summer day? The fresh water will do good for body and soul.

3. Play with the neighbours

Nothing like a decent bit of turf! But instead of serious sport, organise a relaxed football tournament or play a game of croquet among your neighbours. You’ll learn to know your neighbours better and build a sense of community. And you won’t ever realise as you tap in the winner that your heart will thank you for the exercise.

4. Harness the summer breeze

Remember when you were a kid how much fun it was to fly a kite? On a windy summer day, grab along a colourful kite and send it soaring. Choose an open spot, have fun and remember those wonderful summer days from your childhood.

5. Meet old friends

You may be not always be able to devote enough time for your friends, but you can fix all this during your summer holiday. You should make the most of the summer weather and free time, so head for the park for a walk. As you chatter away, even a longer walk will feel like nothing.

6. Family summer Olympics

The holiday is an excellent time to come up with things to do with the whole family. So put on your running shoes and have your own Summer Olympics! And who’s stopping you from introducing new sports, such as disc golf. This is guaranteed to give nice summer memories for all.