Benecol® is clinically proven to lower cholesterol levels

- Lowering your cholesterol -

When taking daily with a meal, as a part of healthy lifestyle, Benecol® helps to lower your bad blood cholesterol.

Benecol® products lower your cholesterol

The tasty products of the Benecol® family contain Plant stanol ester and are proven to lower your cholesterol by 7–10 % in 2–3 weeks. What's more, your cholesterol level will remain at the lower level reached as long as you use Benecol products daily with your meals.


Only Benecol® contain Plant stanol ester

Plant stanols are compounds, which are found naturally in cereals, fruits and vegetables, mainly as their fatty acid esters, (i.e. Plant stanol ester). The levels obtained from a regular daily diet are too low to be effective in lowering blood cholesterol, which is why Plant stanol ester is added to Benecol foods. With 2 g of plant stanols a day you get the optimal cholesterol lowering effect.


Take daily with your meals and lower your cholesterol by 7–10 %

This recommended daily intake can be easily achieved by using Benecol foods. A sufficient daily consumption of Benecol foods lowers your cholesterol by 7-10 % as quickly as in 2-3 weeks. What's more, daily use of Benecol together with your meals keeps your cholesterol at the lower level also in the long-term.