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- Lowering your cholesterol - 

Benecol® has helped many people to lower their cholesterol. Please note, that individual results may vary. Read their stories here!

"I love these products!"

"Benecol® products really have helped to lower my cholesterol, and I love them. Thank you!"

- Ms. Ana Galindo Gasco, Spain

"I take it every day after dinner"

"Every night after dinner I take a Kaiku Benecol®, as it is more effective after eating a meal. I would like to thank you again for the quality of your products."

- Ms. Marina Feliu, Spain

"My partner and I prefer Benecol®"

"I had tasted other cholesterol reducers before, but Kaiku Benecol® (natural and strawberry) is the one I like the most. I am trying to accustom my partner to taking Benecol® every day. He also has high cholesterol levels (more or less like mine), and he also prefers Benecol® to other brands. You have two loyal consumers! I sincerely appreciate your attention and hope to be in touch again some other time. Once again, thank you!"

- Ms. Llanos Hoyo, Spain

"It is just what I need"

"After I tasted Hearti Benecol, I became interested in the product because the supplement comes from nature. It is just what I need, since I don't want to take medicine due to potential side-effects. Two months after I began using the product, I had my cholesterol checked, and it had really worked for me. Before, my cholesterol was 200 mg/dl but now it is just 170 mg/dl."

Ms. Urapee Kornsrithipa, age 47 years, office worker, has been drinking Benecol for 2 months

Hearti Benecol Drinks from Thailand

"My son bought it for me"

"I used to have very high LDL cholesterol. One day I read about Plant stanol ester in "Reader's Digest" and became interested. Then my son bought Hearti Benecol for me. I told my doctor that I was drinking this product. The doctor thought that was good, so I continued drinking it every day, feeling better and better. Now my LDL cholesterol has gone down to 110 mg/dl."

Mr. Thawat Boonchuto, age 51 years, office worker, has been drinking Benecol for 1 month

"My doctor recommended it"

"My LDL cholesterol was 190 mg/dl. I want to control cholesterol myself without taking medicine. I knew Hearti Benecol from a TV program and heard the doctor say that the Plant stanol in Hearti Benecol can help reduce cholesterol. The product is credible and safe, so I decided to try it. My cholesterol then lowered gradually. Now my cholesterol is 128 mg/dl."

Ms. Supaluck Rermwandee, age 48 years, business owner, has been drinking Benecol for 5 months