Benecol® products worldwide

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Delicious and effective Benecol® products are available in some 30 countries

Benecol® foods and supplements effectively lower cholesterol

Today, Benecol® is recognized as a global, trusted brand with a number of cholesterol-lowering foods enjoyed by millions of satisfied people in some 30 countries worldwide – people we like to think as our friends and partners in heart health. We know they are friends of fresh yogurts, delicious yoghurt drinks, tasty spreads and many other healthy and effective Benecol food and food supplement products available globally.

We have local Benecol Partners in each country, please find them via the map below. Also, if you have any questions regarding the Benecol products available in some particular country, please contact our local Benecol Partner via their websites. They have the best knowledge about the products and their availability, for example.