The cholesterol-lowering category

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The cholesterol-lowering category

The Benecol® mission to lower the world's cholesterol levels began in 1989 when Dr. Ingmar Wester, from the Finnish food company Raisio, developed the world's first effective cholesterol lowering ingredient, called Plant stanol ester. In 1995, the ingredient was added to the first Benecol food product, a cholesterol-lowering margarine. Today, the cholesterol-lowering food category is estimated to be worth some 2.45 billion euros.1

The future for the brand remains bright. Researchers predict that by 2025 the number of consumers 65 years and over will reach 830 million. Since over 50% of adults have high cholesterol levels, this represents a growing and significant opportunity for functional brands in the cholesterol-lowering category.

How consumers benefit from using Benecol products

  • An easy way to lower cholesterol by complementing part of the daily diet with Benecol foods and dietary supplements
  • Effective cholesterol reduction when products are consumed daily
  • No side effects and the products are enjoyable to eat
  • Proven and tested by scientific studies
  • Endorsed by expert bodies and heart health foundations globally


Helping your customers to lower their cholesterol levels with Benecol foods and dietary supplements is a chance for your company to experience consistent sales growth, higher profit margins, and a competitive edge over your competitors.



Benecol Story

Benecol products, which contain the unique plant stanol ester, lowers LDL cholesterol in 2-3 weeks by 10% when consumed daily.