5 ways to beat the winter blues


Not a fan of winter? Do dark and cold days leave you with little energy and keep you locked inside for days? Don’t worry, we have some good news. Even during the darkest months of the year there are plenty of indoor activities that will keep you nice and warm, and bring a big smile to your face.

Here are our top tips for fun and warm activities:

1. Take a dance class

What could be more fun than dancing? We can guarantee that just a few minutes on the dance floor will take you far away from the cold weather outside. Salsa or tango will do the trick if you want to get your heart pumping and positive energy flowing. If the Latin rhythms are a bit fast for you, why not try waltz or foxtrot? So find a class nearby, make some new friends and escape the winter blues.

2. Have a go at spinning

Do you feel that you have two left feet and dancing is not your thing? In that case we have another suggestion for you, try spinning. It’s a simple way to get your heart rate up and take the focus off the gloomy days outside. The good part is that you can adjust your own level, just go with what feels good to you. So dust off your gym gear and book a class now!

3. Go for a swim

Can’t wait for that beachside holiday? We know it’s not the same, but swimming can be a nice alternative during the cold winter months. Check if you can find a pool with a sauna and hot tub, for some well-deserved relaxation. Did we mention it’s a great way to get some exercise?

4. Challenge yourself with indoor climbing

For those of you, who enjoy something a bit more daring, we recommend indoor climbing. Nowadays most places have a good variety of climbing walls, so you can find one to suit your fitness level. Climbing will challenge you and your muscles, so we can promise you’ll be feeling hot in no time. Plus, once you reach the top, you are sure to feel like a winner. So, go on and challenge yourself this winter!

5. Relax and rewind with hot yoga

Are you really missing those hot summer days? Why not join a class that’s actually held in a hot room? Hot yoga is a great way to improve your balance, muscle control and give you some much- needed headspace. If you think you can take the heat, it’s one of the best ways to heat up the cold winter days. If you suffer from low or high blood pressure or have a heart condition and your doctor recommends avoiding hot yoga, skip the heat and try a different yoga style instead. It will still do the trick but in a more mellow way.