5 tips for a healthy everyday life


After work, it’s time to rush to the shop and then straight home to cook dinner. The evening is spent on hobbies and everyday chores. It often seems as if there just isn’t time to do everything you want to. Sound familiar? Everyday life is often lived from moment to moment, with extra time being more precious than gold. Taking care of your own health can easily take a back seat. On the other hand, healthy living is possible without putting in huge effort. Small, everyday choices are very important to well-being – even during the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Below are 5 simple tips on taking care of your health.

1. A pre-prepared breakfast can save the morning

What could be better than eating breakfast in peace and quiet? A quiet, weekday breakfast sounds like wishful thinking. Guarantee a lovely morning by preparing breakfast the night before. Easy and healthy breakfasts include various types of fresh porridge, muesli bars and chia puddings. In the morning, all you need to do is enjoy breakfast.

2. Now for some break-time workouts

You can be active in the workplace. It’s worth taking a few breaks, during which you can stretch and do simple exercises. Invite your colleagues to join in some shared exercise. Break-time workouts are good for your health and concentration: a short break will set you up for getting back down to business.

3. Take a bottle of water along

Hunger can strike in unexpected places, such as a checkout queue. Instead of grabbing a chocolate bar from the shelf, carry a bottle of water in your bag and take a few mouthfuls if necessary. Water will do you good and hold hunger at bay until you return home for a proper meal.

4. Don’t fill your cupboards with treats

If your cupboard is always full of sugary treats, it’s almost impossible not to eat them. So avoid buying treats for the pantry on weekdays in particular, and save the sweet temptations for the weekend. Buy only as much as you expect to eat each time, so that you’re not tempted by leftover delicacies on the next day.

5. Park your car farther away

Distances are often so long that they have to be covered by car. However, motorists too can easily get daily exercise by parking a block or two away, leaving a longer distance to walk to the door. This is an easy way of getting exercise while adding just a few minutes to your travel time. Your heart will thank you!