1. Consumers

    Millions of consumers are turning to a wide range of spreads, drinks, dairy and cereal products, and supplements, using Benecol® products as a healthy, easy way to reduce cholesterol and manage their wellbeing.

  2. Healthcare professionals

    As a healthcare professional You are in an important role when guiding Your patients to healthier dietary and lifestyle options. This part of Benecol website provides You important information about Benecol and its role in cholesterol lowering through diet.
  3. Business Partners

    Raisio's partners in the food industry worldwide produce Benecol® branded products for consumer use. Today Benecol products are sold in almost 30 countries and the product range is continuously growing.

  1. Staying healthy is the ultimate goal of most people. Yet, many of us have concerns or questions about heart health. With the help of the Benecol® team, the experts in cholesterol lowering, this website provides key facts about heart health, and reveals how simple changes to diet and lifestyle can help us to boost heart health while keeping the life we love.

    Benecol is a brand of clinically-proven cholesterol lowering food products. These contain a unique natural ingredient, called Plant stanol ester. Supported by evidence from more than 70 studies, daily use of Benecol products effectively lowers blood cholesterol in only two to three weeks.

Plant stanol ester, the cholesterol-lowering ingredient in Benecol products, is supported by over 70 published clinical studies and more than 15 years of safe use of as a food ingredient, and strongly recommended by a number of scientific and authoritative bodies. Benecol is the expert brand and a pioneer in the cholesterol-lowering food category.

The Benecol brand is on a mission to lower the world's cholesterol. In this mission Benecol wants to support You in your work as healthcare professional. In this website You can find information and materials that help You in Your work with patients with elevated cholesterol levels.

  1. Effective and easy dietary solution

    Including Benecol as part of a heart-healthy lifestyle is an effective way to lower cholesterol
  2. Taking care of patients with elevated cholesterol

    Benecol promotes effective cholesterol lowering in all patient groups

  3. Proven efficacy, strongly recommended

    More than 70 clinical studies prove the efficacy and a number of expert bodies recommend the use
  1. As increasing numbers of consumers are taking control of their health, functional foods represent an exciting and growing market, particularly in the area of heart health. Heart disease and stroke affect a significant percentage of adults across the globe, yet the World Health Organisation estimates that 8 out of 10 premature deaths from these conditions could be prevented with changes to diet and lifestyle. One of the most effective changes is a reduction in blood cholesterol, particularly the 'bad' LDL cholesterol. This is where Benecol® has a major role to play as one of the most effective food product for cholesterol reduction.